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Floor Maintenance for Commercial Facilities
Floor Maintenance in South Carolina serving Aiken County, Edgefield County and surrounding areas such as Barnwell, North Augusta and Saluda.


Hard Surface Floors: Hard floor surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic, stone, tile and grout, marble and wood each call for specific products and methods of care to maintain the best possible appearance for your facility. The professional staff at BR Clean and Restoration of CSRA  utilizes business leading practices to extend the life and looks of your hard surface floors.

By utilizing the best floor care products and most innovative equipment and methods for optimal effectiveness


BR Clean and Restoration of CSRA in Aiken, South Carolina offers hard-surface floor care which includes:

  • Maintaining your best professional appearance
  • Enhancing slip resistance, increasing safety for
    your employees and customers.
  • Utilizing the most current innovations in hard-surface
    floor care.
  • Protecting your hard-surface floor investment and
    avoiding early replacement.

When regularly and correctly maintained, your hard-surface floors can do more than create good impressions on your customers. Attractive, well maintained floors can help enhance your professional image and provide a clean, safe working environment for your employees.

BR Clean and Restoration of CSRA offers a slip-resistant floor refinishing which will help protect customers and employees from injury and you from liability exposure. This is ideal for many flooring surfaces including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, safety tile, quarry tile, glazed tile, concrete, natural stone, ceramic/porcelain bathtubs and unsealed marble. This refinishing process improves slip resistance, does not acid-etch (an invasive process which generally increases the floor's pore size, allowing dirt, grease and oil to soil the floor more quickly) and does not compromise the surface appearance or color.


Hard surface floor care by BR Clean and Restoration of CSRA in Aiken, South Carolina helps

  • Maintain your professional appearance
  • Reduce wear, especially in high traffic areas
  • Extend the life of your flooring investment
  • Enhance slip resistance of hard surface floors, increasing safety for employees and customers.



Let BR Clean and Restoration of CSRA  in Aiken, South Carolina customize a plan to fit your business needs and schedule.









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